Monday, July 2, 2012

Etsy Feature: cherikaberry (jewelry)

I want to share this fabulous find with you. I need to share this fabulous find with you. But there's also a little-tiny-part-of-me that wishes I could keep this little gem of a find to myself because I just love it and I want it and it's one of those things that you just have to have!

Are you ready......

SWOON! I love it! Someone needs to become the owner of this fantastic bracelet because it is just too fabulous to pass up!

Cheri at Etsy's Cherikaberry has several more bracelets to swoon over. (This next one is also on my favorites list!)

Aren't those fantastic! Head on over to Cheri's Cherikaberry Etsy shop to see more swoon-worthy jewelry. Thanks to Cheri for letting me feature her shop (all photos in this post courtesy of Cherikaberry).

Happy Shopping, everyone!


Angela said...

The owl in the bassinet is too cute! Love the jewelery as well. Such talented people, I was not blessed with a crafting gene :/ I found you via 'Flock Together' blog hop, and I am now following you. If you have a chance stop by and visit me at '
Hope you have a great day!

Tracy said...

These are lovely pieces of jewelry! Thank you for sharing such beautiful talent and creativity on NOBH and thanks for linking up!

MariaSelf said...

I have to agree with Tracy and Angela - the pieces are really gorgeous! Thank you for sharing them with us, Marissa!!;-)

marissa with hadley lane said...

Thank You all for visiting and for your comments. These bracelets would make great gifts!

Have a wonderful week!
~marissa with hadley lane