Monday, August 6, 2012

Etsy feature: jane's girl designs

My daughter turned 4 back in May and she still talks about her birthday party. I can't even begin to tell you how happy that makes me knowing that we were able to make her feel so special on her special day. I want my daughter to grow up knowing that her birthday is one of my favorite days of the year. I want to celebrate her and the wonderful person that she is.

I also want her to know how important it is that we take the time to celebrate our loved one's birthdays and how special they are to us. Birthdays are fun and joyous days and everyone loves and deserves to know that they are remembered in some way.

Every year I buy a new yearly planner and the first thing I do is go through each month and write down family and friends' birthdays and anniversaries. It's fun to see if I have any new additions to add throughout the year if I've made a new friend or if there's a new baby in the family (I come from a large extended family!). And with my daughter starting preschool in just a few short weeks she'll be making friends of her own and birthdays and birthday celebrations will become an even bigger part of our lives, which I really look forward to.

So of course I was thrilled when I came across Rae's jane's girl designs shop. Rae makes these fantastic birthday boards that not only help you to remember all of those special birthdays throughout the year but I think putting birthdays on display like this sets a wonderful example to our children. It's another way that we can show our children that birthdays are important and special days to celebrate and it helps to create those wonderful memories that we all want for our children.

Check out these great birthday boards by jane's girl designs. There are several ways to customize the look--from the color of the discs to the color of the board and the wording on the board. Just let Rae know what you have in mind and she'll help work with you to get the custom board you're looking for. (All photos courtesy of jane's girl designs)

Rae suggests using a fine point sharpie to write on the discs......

Several color options to choose from for your disc color(s):

Be sure to read through the description of each item for specifics on the dimensions of the board as well as how many discs are included with the purchase. If you need additional discs, Rae offers a separate listing in which you can purchase more (

Rae also offers these great classroom birthday boards, perfect if you're a teacher or if you have a teacher in your life that you'd like to present with a gift for the upcoming school year.
Thanks so much to Rae with jane's girl designs for sharing your wonderful birthday boards with us. These would make great housewarming and back to school gifts.

Happy Shopping, everyone!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Etsy feature: Sweet JAM

My daughter loves to color and draw and is always so proud to show off her artwork. (And as the proud momma, I want to show off her artwork too!) It's so important for our children's self esteem and confidence to know that their parents are proud of the work they do. Displaying your child's artwork is one of many wonderful ways to let them know they are special and that the work that they do matters.

Alison with Sweet JAM makes these great "Look What I Made" personalized signs--perfect for displaying that special artwork. These would make great back to school gifts and birthday gifts. (All photos courtesy of Sweet JAM)

There are several customizable can choose the background color, the name color and the "Look What I Made" color...

Lots of colors to choose from....

You also have the option of choosing a theme for your sign. Choose from princess, sports, ballerina, dinosaurs, flowers, animals and many more (contact Alison to find out more options).

Here's an example of the dinosaur theme....
With a new school year soon approaching, I think these would make great back to school gifts and what better way to start a new school year than to show your child how excited you are to show off his/her upcoming projects!

Thanks so much to Alison with Sweet JAM for sharing these fantastic personalized signs with us! Be sure to check out Alison's shop....not only does she offer these "Look What I Made" signs but she also has some birthday reminder signs for your family or classroom plus some decorative family name signs as well.

Happy Shopping, everyone!!

Etsy feature: Bella Starr Hats

Hats are a fun and simple way to accessorize an outfit and a great way to express your individual style. Michelle with Bella Starr has some great hats that would be a nice addition to your upcoming fall wardrobe. She offers a variety of styles and prints, made from vintage and new fabrics.

Check out some of the hats offered in Michelle's shop (all photos courtesy of Bella Starr).....

wide brim hats....

 newsboy caps....

and cloche hats....

Thanks so much to Michelle with Bella Starr for sharing your fun and stylish hats with us!!

Happy Shopping, everyone!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Etsy Feature: four hands jewelry

If you are in a wedding or headed to one this summer, Anne with four hands jewelry has some MUST HAVE Rhinestone Cuff Bracelets for your special occasion.

And with the holiday season just around the corner these bracelets would make a beautiful accessory for any of your holiday parties.

(All photos courtesy of four hands jewelry)

Aren't these gorgeous.....

Anne offers a variety of widths (1.5" = 8 rows of rhinestones, 1" = 5 rows and 3/4" = 4 rows of rhinestones). The ribbon color is also customizable. Perfect accessories for the bride and her bridesmaids!

Four hands jewelry also has these fantastic leather bracelets (with silver or gold tube accents available). I LOVE these!!! Different color options are available as well as the number of leather strands (choose from 6, 8 or 14 strands). Be sure to read through the description of each listing for the different options.

Be sure to check out four hands jewelry for more great accessories, including necklaces and earrings. Four hands jewelry is also on Facebook where Anne announces Monday flash sales in which you can save 25-50% off selected items.

Thanks so much to Anne with four hands jewelry for sharing her fantastic bracelets!!

Happy Shopping, everyone!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Etsy Feature: Bowdacious Boutique

Monica's Bowdacious Boutique shop is one of my favorites for hair bows. They are so fun and different from other bows I've seen and my daughter gets tons of compliments on them whenever she wears them. Bowdacious Boutique offers a variety of bows but my absolute favorites are the "mini over the top" bows. They are perfect for my daughter's pigtails!

Here's just a sampling of what Bowdacious Boutique offers (all photos, except for the last one, courtesy of Bowdacious Boutique).....

These "mini over the top" bows measure around 3.5 inches and are completely customizable. Just let Monica know what colors you're looking for and she'll be able to help you out. The bows come on a partially lined alligator clip but barrettes are also available.

If you would prefer larger bows, Monica also offers these 5-5.5 inch bows.....

Here's my Hadley wearing a pair of the mini over the top bows...

These bows would make great birthday gifts for your daughter's friends, wedding hair accessories for your flower girl and perfect stocking stuffers for Christmas. Be sure to check out Monica's shop--she offers several different styles of bows and color options.

Thanks so much to Monica and Bowdacious Boutique for letting me feature your shop.

Happy Shopping, everyone.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Etsy Feature: Abounding Treasures

We recently moved into our new place here in TX and I have been on the hunt for some great decorative wall art for my daughter's room. That combined with my love for keepsakes and sentimental items makes Dallas' Abounding Treasures shop a favorite of mine and I'm so excited to share some of the great pieces available at this shop.

Abounding Treasures offers some really beautiful 3D wall art that would make a great addition to any nursery or child's room. Some of them are also available to customize with your child's name and birth date. Be sure to read through the description for each listing as different colors, sizes and customization can vary.

The following are just a few of the beautiful options available at the shop. Click on the following link and it will take you to Dallas' Abounding Treasures shop. (All photos courtesy of Abounding Treasures).

I love how whimsical and dreamy the butterfly wall art is...

Bible verses, quotes and poems are wonderful customization alternatives....perfect for Baptisms/Christenings, weddings, anniversaries....

Non personalized options are also available...

If butterflies are not part of your decor, Dallas offers several alternatives



Owls too...

Thanks so much to Dallas for letting me feature your Abounding Treasures shop. You can visit Dallas' shop by clicking on this link:

Happy Shopping, everyone!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Etsy Feature: Una Tia Especial

In a previous post I mentioned how much I love birthstones and how special they are to me. Wearing birthstone jewelry can be such a simple and classy way to honor yourself and your loved ones. I came across Elaine's Una Tia Especial shop this past March when I was searching for a special gift for one of my best friends. I was looking for a piece of jewelry to honor her two children and Elaine was so sweet and so great to work with. She made the perfect birthstone necklace for my friend and I was so pleased with how her necklace turned out that when Mother's Day approached one of Elaine's necklaces was at the top of my wish list.

My husband ordered one of Elaine's beautiful birthstone necklaces that included his, mine and our daughter's birthstones.
It is gorgeous! My husband's birthstone (Feburary-Amethyst) is on the top, mine (September-Sapphire) is on the bottom and our daughter's (May-Emerald) is in between the two.

I wear this necklace just about everyday and I have received so many compliments on it. One of the most special things about this necklace is that whenever I wear it my daughter will go through each birthstone saying, "This one is Daddy's. This one is Hadley's. And this one is Mommy's." LOVE!

What a simple yet classy and special way to honor your loved ones!

Here are a few samples from Elaine's Una Tia Especial shop (all photos courtesy of Una Tia Especial. Click on the pictures and they will direct you to her Etsy shop).

 Matching bracelets are also available...

 Earrings too....

These would make great gifts for moms, grandmothers, siblings, birthdays, Mother's Day, baby showers, Christmas.....

Check out Elaine's Una Tia Especial shop for these and more great items. She offers several more types of necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Thanks so much to Elaine for letting me feature your shop!

Happy Shopping, everyone!!